What is the difference between Waymaker Academy badges and certifications?

Badges, which are free, are awarded on completion of successful course completion, usually a short quiz. Certifications, which are paid, are awarded after a longer and more extensive assessment.

About badges

Waymaker Academy has short courses, which on completion, award the user profile in Waymaker with a badge. 

There are dozens of badges across leadership, management, sales, marketing, service, people & culture, planning, and strategy. 

A badge is circular with the badge title on it. Here is an example for the 'Effective Meetings for Leaders' course. 


Badges are awarded to the user and shown on their user profile. A user profile can can be accessed by clicking on the identify image or face of the user within the app.

Badges are sometimes collated together to form a larger course, for example Work Better, Sell Better, and others. These are used as the learning content for certifications. 


Certifications are formal recognitions of advisory qualifications. These are designed for coaches or consultants using Waymaker with their clients. 


A certification is a paid assessment and recognizes that person has the competency and capability to guide Waymaker users in that topic and in the application of that topic on the Waymaker Platform. 

For example, the Platform Specialist certification is designed to acknowledge that person as someone who can implement Waymaker into a new organization and teach the skills of goal planning, meeting management, project management, scoreboards and dashboards. 

Every user can start learning and acquiring badges. Then, those who want to be formally recognized as a coach or consultant can start to earn one or more certifications in their field. 

The first certification to start on is 'Platform Specialist', the highest level of certification is 'Advisor'. 

Certification triangle

Here is the list of certifications.

Platform Specialist For agile coaches, business coaches, and operations leaders who want to implement Waymaker and agile best practices.
CX Consultant For sales and marketing consultants and coaches who want to build a strategic advisory business in demand generation and revenue maximization.
EX Consultant For HR consultants and coaches who want to build a strategic advisory business in people, performance, and culture.
Business Consultant For strategic business coaches & consultants who want to lead business strategy, planning, and growth.
Leadership Coach For executive and leadership coaches who want to build an effective leadership advisory business.
Advisor For recognized experts in leadership, business strategy, planning, performance, and growth.