What is the Waymaker Leadership Curve?

Waymaker's Leadership Curve is a sense-making growth framework used in the diagnostic module to identify business improvement priorities.

The science behind the Waymaker platform is a sense-making growth framework, Waymaker’s Leadership Curve™.


The growth framework works like this. 

Every organization, product, or leader first starts in the abstract state of an idea. 

That idea needs to become a fully matured market leader. Along the way the organization, product, or leader will need to make it through a series of growth stages. 


The first key to insight is this; as these growth stages are overcome, over time, commercial value multiplies. A good idea is worth something, but a matured, market leading idea with the ability to continue reinvention and deliver long term profits is worth 100x more. 

The problem is different stages require the maturity of different skills and systems to find breakthrough to the next stage. 

Simply, what gets us to where we are now, are unlikely to be the only things we need to get to where we are going.   

The second key to insight is this; it’s our investment in the right skills and the right systems, at the right stage of growth, that makes the way to our ultimate vision. 


The challenge is these skills and systems are constantly moving – much like the tides and currents in an ocean. Right now, in society and economics the volatility of change does not appear to be slowing but picking up pace. 

The third key is this; while the best practice in the skills and systems often changes, the first principle very rarely does. 

For example, a customer journey (first principle) today involves mobiles, apps, websites, and parcel delivery (practices). That customer journey (first principle) still existed 30 years ago but contained only a TV, radio, newspaper ad and main street shop (best practices).  

The first principal skills and systems are like mountains and valleys which rarely change on our journey while the flora fauna, the best practices will change season by season, region by region.

Unfortunately, nobody ever learns the order of these skills and systems in business school. No-one ever gives you the way to make it happen.

These special steps are almost always learned along the path of life experience, boom and bust, feast or famine, success, and failure. It’s almost like starting, growing, and maturing a business is like a magical dark art that some get right, some get lucky, while most stand around confused and dazed in the storms of constant change. 

Until now. 

Waymaker has found the way to make sense of the world around you. Whether you are growing your business, your people, or your teams. 

We represent these ‘first principal activities’ as skills and systems on a Waymaker Leadership Curve™. 

These leadership curves have their own context.

For example, a Sales Leadership Curve to show the way to build a leading sales team, or an Employee Experience Leadership Curve to build a world class employee experience, or a Leadership & Management Curve to develop a world class leader. 

Each of these curves have been built from our research & development to identify the first principal skill or system within that context.

These are available to use assessments in the Diagnostics module.

An example of one of the Waymaker Leadership Curves, the Vision Leadership Curve from the Business diagnostic.


Waymaker’s Leadership Curve is the foundation to the diagnostic tools in Waymaker. These diagnostic tools are then integrated with goal planning, meeting management, task management and your strategic roadmap.