What are diagnostics in Waymaker?

The diagnostic module has prebuilt diagnostics to identify growth gaps in business functions and leadership & management practices.


The diagnostic module is available for all licenses.

The purpose of the diagnostic is to assess the skills and systems of a function area of the business. 

The diagnostic uses the Waymaker Leadership Curve sense making model as framework.

The functional areas that can be assessed are.

For an individual

  1. Leadership & management (This is of a specific individual user)

For a function or department

  1. Vision & purpose
  2. Market identification, focus, and understanding
  3. Strategic positioning, growth paths, and differentiation.
  4. Business model clarity, strength, and success metrics.
  5. Customer experience, journey, and specifically marketing, sales, and service. 
  6. Employee experience, journey, acquisition, retention, and growth. 

The diagnostic module contains the following diagnostic assessments.


The Business diagnostic is ideal for businesses which have a leadership team and working on the building the teams, skills, and systems required for growth.


The diagnostic assesses the clarity and maturity of ~250 skills and systems across 6 functions in a typical organization and presents findings on 8 leadership curves, including a summary leadership curve for the whole organization. 

  1. Vision
  2. Market
  3. Strategy
  4. Business model
  5. Customer experience
    1. Marketing
    2. Sales
    3. Service
  6. Employee experience.

Business essentials

The Business Essentials diagnostic is ideal for start-ups or small business who are looking for a simple, one page assessment to identify the priorities for business improvement. 

The Business Essentials diagnostic assesses ~30 skills and systems across all areas of the business and presents findings on a single leadership curve. 

CX Essentials

The CX Essentials diagnostic is ideal for CX leaders in sales, marketing, and service who are looking to identify priorities for business improvement.

The CX Essentials diagnostics uses the marketing, sales, and service leadership curves from the Business diagnostic as a stand-alone assessment tool. 

EX Essentials

The EX Essentials diagnostics is for HR or People & Culture leaders who are looking to identify priorities for business improvement. 

The EX Essentials diagnostics uses the employee experience leadership curve from the Business diagnostics as a stand-alone assessment tool.


The Leadership diagnostics is for coaching and professional development. The Leadership diagnostics identifies the maturity of an individual's leadership skills and the management practices in their specific role.

The Leadership diagnostic is a single leadership curve and includes additional insights on character, personality trait strengths using the OCEAN model, and opportunities for growth.