Edit goals in Waymaker

How to edit a goal in waymaker.io

Learning outcomes:

Where to edit goals

Like creating a goal, there are a few places where you can edit a goal. You can edit a goal on the roadmap, prioritise, goals, and goal dashboard pages.

You can also edit a goal in the goal detail page. The goal detail page is opened by clicking any goal title, anywhere on the platform. This includes on the home page, scorecard, meetings, any diagnostic pages and from a user profile.

How to edit a goal

In the example below, we have navigated to the goals page where we will click the edit goal button. To navigate to the goals page, click goals in the navigation bar on the left of screen.

app.waymaker.io_version-test_home_1607302858034x911938104401592300(iPad Pro) (5) copy

app.waymaker.io_version-test_goals_1607302858034x911938104401592300(iPad Pro)

You can see in the goal editor we can now add outcomes, view the goal feed, and post messages to the goal. Any changes made to the goal now will be reflected immediately in the goal editor. 

app.waymaker.io_version-test_goals_1607302858034x911938104401592300(iPad Pro) copy

More actions

In the top right-hand corner of the goal editor is the more actions button, it's 3 vertical dots. Clicking the more actions button opens a menu where you can make a goal dynamic, a milestone goal, make it private, update the goal status and add a function (if you are using diagnostics). 

app.waymaker.io_version-test_goals_1607302858034x911938104401592300(iPad Pro) (1) copy