Licenses options and terms for users

There are two licenses available, Platform and Partner. This article explains the difference and the relevant terms governing the licenses.

For the current licenses and pricing always refer to

There are two licenses available to Waymaker users.

  1. Platform
  2. Partner

The platform license

The platform license is designed for business users within a single organization. 

The platform license provides access to all modules which includes.

  • Comms
  • Diagnostics
  • Goals
  • Tasks
  • Meetings
  • Data (Coming soon)
  • Dashboards
  • Academy
  • Help

To get started visit and sign up for an account. If your organization already has an account, ask your Administrator to provision a license. 

Platform licenses are governed through our user terms which are agreed when a user signs up to the platform. 

The partner license

The partner license is for coaches and consultants and can be used to access multiple client organizations.

The partner license includes everything available in platform and then provides the following.

  • Partner portal
    • Create new client accounts within your partner portal and assign licenses.
    • Access client accounts from your client dashboard.
    • Access partner dashboards to see rolled up client data on performance and risk. 
    • Access partner data:
      • Accounts under management
      • Licenses under management
      • Commissions earned
  • 3 Accounts with up to 5 free licenses.
    • The purpose of these accounts is to allow partners to provision up to three new accounts of up to 5 users friction free as they grow their Waymaker Advisory service. 
    • To provision a free account do the following.
      • Create new account in your partner portal.
      • Complete the new account sign-up process. 
      • Choose the 'Free' license instead of platform or partner. 
      • The new account will be free forever for up to 5 users. Any more users will trigger a standard license price for all users. 
    • Please note. These accounts can not be re-purposed.
  • IP License
    • The rights to use Waymaker IP & content, including content in Waymaker Academy, within your business. This includes items such as:
      • Design thinking canvases and tool-kits.
      • Course content.
      • Playbooks, templates, and guides. 
    • Where a partner uses content, we simply ask you reference the source and copyright owner of the material, Waymaker Holdings Pty Ltd. 

Partner licenses are managed through our Partner Terms which are agreed on sign-up. 

License agreements and terms of use

Organizations and users will encounter up to three agreement types working with Waymaker.

  1. User terms
  2. Partner terms
  3. Master subscription agreement terms

User terms

User terms are agreed to by all users with an identity on the platform. This is done at sign-up or if needed at later times to confirm material updates.

Partner terms

Partner terms are agreed to by partner license holders. Partner license holders receive specific software, IP, and representation rights through their partner license for the purpose of carrying out their coaching or consulting business using Waymaker with Waymaker customers.

Master subscription agreement terms.

All licenses are governed on account creation and first payment through our Master Subscription Agreement.  

The Master Subscription Agreement is the agreement between your organization and Waymaker. Specific terms may be negotiated directly with Waymaker for Enterprise or Not-for-profit clients. If this is you, please contact us here.


Payments are made via credit card either via your digital contract supplied by Waymaker's sales representative or via the subscription centre within

Always refer to your subscription terms for the governance of payments.  

For any questions, or to speak with Waymaker please contact us.