Accessing Waymaker academy and support center

Learn how to access the academy directly from the platform or by logging into

Learning outcomes

You will not be able to access the academy directly from the platform if you are using a private browser or your browser is blocking cookies. Find out how to unblock cookies here.

What is Waymaker academy?

Waymaker Academy is our Learning Management System (LMS). We’ve created a load of great courses and certifications to help you learn how to get the best out of Waymaker. You can learn in your own time, wherever you are, on any device. And the best thing about it... they're free!

We recommend starting with work better. It is ideal for first-time users of the platform. 

You'll gain a general overview of the entire platform, the big picture of why Waymaker and how it can help you grow. There are courses to help you get started and progress, like how to write winning goals.

There are other courses there too... Lead effective meetings, Wayamaker's experience curve, Vision: Build on purpose... the list goes on!

How to access the academy

Courses can be accessed directly within the platform. Click the academy button at the bottom of the navigation bar to reveal the courses you can access.

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Clicking on the course name will open the course for you to begin.

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If you get a blank screen after trying to load a course directly from the platform, your browser maybe blocking cookies. You can find out how to update browser settings here.

You can also login to the academy at the following link and use the same login details you use for Waymaker: