Get into the details of a goal

How to view the goal detail page on, and what is on it

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How to access the goal detail page

You can access the goal detail page by clicking on a goal title anywhere on the platform. That's it, click a goal title and the goal detail page will appear...

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What is the goal detail page?

The goal detail page is a 1-page summary of your goal. It's where we recommend you go when you want to work on a goal. It's a snapshot of the goal's progress. You can see the goals' details at the top. In the left-hand column the goal's outcomes are displayed, and clicking the chat icon to the right of the outcome title displays the waypoint tracking chart for that outcome. 


In the centre column, is the probability of achieving the goal. Probability is updated in line with the rule of twelfths which is explained more here. Beneath the goal probability is the goal's total confidence and progress visualised by donut charts. Goal confidence and progress is the average of it's outcomes confidence and progress.


Beneath the confidence and progress charts is another chart that shows the progress of each of the outcomes of the goals, and at the bottom of the centre column is the goal activity chart. This chart tracks the goal's total confidence and progress each time it is updated.


The column on the right displays the goal feed. This contains all updates about the goal and it's outcomes. Clicking show posts, shows all posts on this goal, and you can post more posts.


On the goal detail page, you can edit the goal, clone it, use the goal writing ai tool, you can add and edit outcomes, and post on the goal.


How to close the goal detail page

To close the goal detail page, click the back arrow on the left side of the goal's title.

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