What is the goal module

Learn how to use the goal module effectively in waymaker.io

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What is the goals module?

All goals displayed in the goals module have the status in progress. These are the organisation's, teams', and individuals' current goals that are being worked on.

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The main body of the module, from left to right, displays the goal owner and title, and the goal's progress. Next to the goal progress is a list of the goal's outcomes. The list displays the outcome title and beneath the title is that outcome's progress and confidence. 


To the right of the list of outcomes, is the goal's due date, and the goal edit button and add outcome button. Clicking the goal edit button opens the goal editor, and clicking the add outcome button opens the outcomes editor. Theses same actions are achieved by clicking the goal title, or by clicking the outcome title.


Goal views

Across the top of the page are the goal views. These are preset filters so you can quickly see your goals, your teams' goals, the goals you are collaborating on, and all goals. 

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By default the page loads to the my goals view but you can save your preferred view from the filter set so that each time you open the goals module your saved view loads. If you are working on a phone or tablet, and the goal views are not visible, you will can access them from the filter set.


Filtering goals

To filter the list of goals displayed, you can open the filter set by clicking the filter button then adjusting the filter options.

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As you update the filter set, the list of goals displayed will be adjusted to meet your filter criteria. You can save your preferred filter criteria by setting it and then clicking the save & close button. The saved filter set will become your default view whenever you return to the goals page.


Turning on the private goals filter can update a filter set as once the private goals filter is turned you can only use my goals and my collaborations views. Any private goals you own or are collaborating on will be displayed along with public goals that meet the filter criteria.


Sorting goals

Once you have filtered the list of goals to those you want to see, you may also want to sort them into a specific order. There are 2 ways of doing this, you can drag and drop the goals into the order you want, or you can use the sort set.


Click the sort button and then click on the option you want to sort the goals by.

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Goal presentation

Once you have filtered the list of goals to those you want to see, and then sorted them into the order you want them in, clicking the present button will launch the goal presenter and display the goals in your list, in the order they have been sorted into. 

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The goal presentation is very similar to the goal detail page and provides an overview of the goal. It shows the goal's title and who owns it along the top. In the left-hand column the goal's outcomes are displayed, and clicking the chat icon to the right of the outcome title displays the waypoint tracking chart for that outcome. 


In the centre column, the probability of achieving the goal and the goal's total confidence and progress is shown. Beneath the confidence and progress charts is another chart that shows the progress of each of the outcomes of the goals, and at the bottom of the centre column is the goal activity chart. This chart tracks the goal's total confidence and progress each time it is updated.


The column on the right displays the goal feed. This contains all updates about the goal and it's outcomes.