How and where to create tasks

Learn how and where to create tasks

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Where to create tasks

Depending on how you work, most tasks will be created in the task module, but they can also be created on any page on the platform by clicking the quick actions task button in the top right of the screen. Additionally, tasks can be created on the home page by clicking add task. Clicking either of these options will display the task editor.

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In the task module, there are a few places where you can create a task. When viewing a task board there will always be a new task input at the bottom of each column. Input your task title and hit return or tab to create the task. Adding a task from this input add it to the bottom of the column.

Clicking the add task button at the top of each column displays an input to add the task title, and clicking add creates a task at the top of that column.

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When you are in a task list view, you will find the add task button to the right of the task board title. Clicking this button will open the task editor.

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Once a task has been created, clicking the task title will open the task editor and you can edit that task.

How to create a task

With the task editor open, add your task title, if the board input is empty, add the board the task should relate to typing the task board name and selecting it. Next, add the task status, and the owner of the task. You will only be able to choose from the members of the board you have set. Add a due date to complete the task by. If you want to add a description, progress or tags, add them too.

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By clicking save & close, the task will be created and the task editor will close. Clicking save creates the task but the task editor remains open and you can start to add further details. You can now add a checklist, create subtasks and view the task feed and posts.

Any changes made to the task now will be immediately reflected in the task editor.

app.waymaker.io_version-test_home_1607302858034x911938104401592300(iPad Pro) (6)-1You can also now access the more actions menu on the task editor. Clicking the more button in the top right-hand corner will display the more actions menu. From here you can schedule the task into your calendar, add task automation, create a copy of the task, add a colour, or delete the task.

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How to edit a task

To edit a task, wherever you can see a task title, clicking it will open the task editor. Any changes made to the task will be reflected immediately in the task editor.