How and why to clone goals

How to clone a goal in


Why clone a goal?

Cloning a goal for others can be beneficial in various scenarios, particularly in collaborative settings or when working with a team. It streamlines workflow, and facilitates individual ownership while working toward a shared objective. It's a powerful feature that enables effective teamwork and goal alignment.


When multiple team members or collaborators are working toward the same objective, cloning a goal allows everyone to have a copy of the goal in their own workspace. This ensures that each person can track their progress individually while still contributing to the shared goal.


An example of this is a sales team working towards a sales target, or a CX team working towards an NPS or CSAT target. Cloning a goal allows you to quickly duplicate the goal for each team member, ensuring clear ownership and accountability.


How to clone a goal

Instead of creating the same goal from scratch for multiple individuals, cloning allows you to save time and effort by replicating the goal with a few clicks.


You can clone a goal from the goal editor or from the goal detail page. In the goal editor click the more actions button, then select clone Pro) (1)


A pop-up will open. Type the name of the person that will own the cloned goal. Click clone goal... done, goal cloned.

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