How can I build the org chart in Waymaker People?

Waymaker builds automatically builds your organization chart based on your role relationships.

Waymaker will automatically build an Org Chart in the Teams section of People. It looks like this example. 


How is the org chart built?  

The org chart is built based on the data in 'Roles'. 

The name of the person in that role (incumbent) will appear in blue and the name of the role will appear in grey and the role will be related to the managing role the subordinate reports too. 

A role needs to be created in People > Roles and that role needs to have the following as a minimum to appear on the org chart.

  1. Role name.
  2. Reports to.

A role does not have to have the user's name to appear on the org chart as some roles can remain unfilled. If this is the case the words 'null' will appear in blue where the name of the person in that role will appear. 

How do I get role and user on the org chart?

To associate a user to a role do the following. 

  1. Go to People > Roles.
  2. Click 'Edit' on the name of the role. 
  3. Edit the name the role.
  4. Look up the role this role will report to on the 'Reports to' field
  5. Look up a user on the 'Incumbent' field.
  6. Click 'Update Role'. 

Other data fields can be populated but are not necessary to get a role and user name on the org chart. 


What if a role reports to more than one person?

In some larger organizations a role might have a matrix reporting structure. This is where one team member might have a direct line and a dotted line of reporting. 

Whichever role is the fixed line of reporting should be added in the 'Reports to' field. 

A manger can use the details in the roles' role description to create the relationships to the fixed and dotted line reporting structures.