How do I create a job ad from a role description?

Waymaker uses AI to instantly create best practice job ads to recruit for new or existing roles.

Waymaker will write a best practice job ad using AI based on the knowledge of the role, role description and just a few questions. 

Use this feature to save time and money in placing effective ads for the best candidates. 

Here's how to do it. 

  1. Go to People > Role Descriptions
  2. Click on the name of the role description you wish to write an ad for. 
  3. In the top right menu on the page, click 'Create Ad'. This will open the ad builder questions. 

  4. Answer the four questions with as little or as much text as you can provide. 
  5. Click 'Create Role Advert'
  6. Waymaker's AI will write the job ad according to best practice frameworks,

  7. Click 'Copy Advert Content' to copy to your clipboard.
  8. Click 'Save Role Advert' and this ad will be saved against the role description until this ad creation process is repeated. Note: Only the most recent version of the ad is saved.