What is the difference between seats, users, roles, role descriptions and teams?

This article explains how people are organized within your organization in Waymaker.

Waymaker helps your organize your people in to clear roles and teams that have defined outcomes to ensure successful deliver of a business plan. 

Understanding seats, users, roles, role descriptions, teams and business units

Within Waymaker it is important to understand how your people are organized.

The table below explains the relationship between seats, users, roles, role descriptions, teams, and business units. 


An account will have purchased an amount of seats in their contract.  

To add more seats contact Waymaker sales if you pay by contract terms, or if you're on credit card, simply add a user. 


Users A person with a Waymaker license.

Users can be active or inactive. In active users are past active users who's data has not been deleted but they can not access the platform. Users are created, edited, or made inactive by an Admin in your Waymaker.



A role that exists within your organization. 

A role can be anything you want.  Often referred to as job titles, examples include; CEO, CFO, Account Executive. 

Users can create roles in People > Roles. 

Active roles appear in the current state of the org chart. Draft roles appear in the future state of the org chart. 


Role descriptions A detailed description of the role used to provide clarity on the purpose, goals & outcomes, tasks, skills & systems competencies, values alignment, and leadership & management requirements. 

Users can create, edit, view or delete role descriptions.

The Role Description builder is an AI powered role writer that creates best practice and detailed role descriptions based on the knowledge of the role, the organization, and industry. 


Teams A group of people for organizing data within Waymaker.

A user can exist in one or many teams.

However, a role is exclusive to a team. This ensures the role is organized correctly on the organization chart. 


Business unit A business unit is a group of people and teams whose goals and outcomes are siloed. 

A business unit is used to organize larger enterprises where one organization might have multiple business units rolling up to a senior leadership. 

A user will only see data from the business unit they are a member. 

This is available in enterprise licenses only.