What is the people module?

The people module makes it quick and easy to plan roles, build best practice role descriptions, and align people to performance outcomes.

The People module exists to create alignment & accountability in users through their roles and role descriptions.

There are three sections to the People module. 

  1. Team
  2. Roles
  3. Role descriptions


The team section allows users to find and view any user and quickly access that users profile to view goals, send a message, or view critical information. .

There are two ways to find people. 

  1. Team list
  2. Org chart

Team list

Team list is a searchable database of all active users. Use the search box or the filter set to find a person or a group of people. 


Org chart

Waymaker automatically maps each role into an interactive org chart. Active roles appear on the current state org chart, draft roles appear on the future state org chart. 



Roles is the place to organize current and future roles in your organization. It provides a summary of the role, purpose, manager, team, performance metrics, responsibilities and incumbent. 

This is a 'Roles & Responsibilities' table for aligning performance metrics across people and teams. It will help the leader ensure performance is aligned across the organization, team, and person. 

The Roles & Responsibilities table is the data that powers the org chart in teams. 

An active role will appear on the current state of the org chart. A draft role will appear on the future state of the org chart. 

In order to appear on the org char a role must have completed:

  • Role name
  • Reports to (role). 

If there is no user related to the role, the role will read 'Null' but the role title will exist and the role will report up to the 'Reports to' role within the role profile. 


To learn how to create roles read this article

Role descriptions

Role Descriptions empowers leaders to quickly and easily build best practice role descriptions for each user and role. 


Role descriptions are built using the powerful AI step by step builder. Role description are store in this table and can be related to roles, exported as word documents, cloned, or turned into role ads to new employee acquisition. 

To learn how to build role descriptions and manage these for your organization read this article. 

People organization

People in Waymaker are organized by user, role, role description, team, and business unit.

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