How to work with tasks on the homepage

Learn how to create and edit tasks directly from your homepage, and view tasks grouped by board.

Learning outcomes:

How to work with tasks on the homepage

The column to the right of the homepage contains a list of your in-progress tasks, and beneath that, a list of the task boards you are a member of.

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You can complete any task by clicking the complete task button, and create a new task by clicking add task.

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To edit an existing task, click the task title to open the task editor and make the necessary updates.

How to view tasks grouped by task board

You can show and hide your list of in-progress tasks by clicking the collapse tasks button, and you do the same with your list of task boards. Click the board's title to see the list of tasks associated with it by status.

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Click the status to update the list of tasks to that status, and to edit a task, click the task title.  To go back to the list of task boards, click the back button to the left of the task board title.

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You can navigate to the task module, and open the board you are viewing by clicking on the task board title.