What is the tasks module?

Learn how to get to the most out of the task module to execute strategy, run projects, and operationalize outcomes.

Learning outcomes:

So where do tasks fit in with goals and outcomes?

Think of tasks and task boards as a way to operationalize your goals. A goal is your aspirational endpoint, the outcomes are the measures that if achieved indicate you have achieved your goal. And tasks are the little steps that need to be completed in order to move forward in your outcomes.

For example, if the goal is to increase business valuation by 50% in preparation for a capital raise your outcomes might be generate 100 qualified leads per month, increase monthly revenue to $100k, reduce monthly churn to <5%.

In order to operationalize these outcomes there might be work needed in the CRM to record the number of leads and the lead quality. The strategy to achieve increased revenue will need to be developed and documented. Marketing campaigns might need an update, the sales playbook may need updating. Marketing and Sales will need to collaborate, so there may be a need for some meetings to calibrate staff. All these items can be recorded as tasks on a shared task board that all stakeholders can access to view progress at any point in time.

But not all outcomes need to connect to tasks and task boards. And not all task boards need to connect to outcomes. You can use task boards to run any project, a personal to-do list, to systemize business processes or for meetings.

Task boards

A task board, also known as a Kanban board, is a visual tool used for managing and tracking tasks in a project or workflow. It provides a clear and organized way to visualize the status of tasks and their progression through different stages of completion.

The task module loads to display a list of the task boards you are a member of. To open the task board and view the associated tasks, click on it.

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Task board tools

As well as the task board title, there are a number of tools available on a task board, each referenced below:

  1. Filter - filter the tasks on a task board by owner, due date or outcome
  2. Dashboard - view task dashboard
  3. Gantt - visualise tasks over time and track task progress
  4. List view - if a kanban view of tasks does not work for you, click the list view button to view tasks in a list
  5. Export - export the list of tasks to csv
  6. Template - create and reuse task board templates for 'repeatable and systemised business processes
  7. Edit board - opens the task board editor so you can view the feed and posts and add members

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Tasks can be re-ordered and status updated by drag and dropping the task cards. anywhere on the task board. To re-order a task, drop it over the position you want it to appear. And to edit a task, click the task title.

View tasks in a list

Clicking the list view button displays tasks in a list rather than kanban. The list view defaults to in progress tasks, and you can use the filter set to update your view of task data.

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Task board charts

Each task board can be visualised on a gantt chart. For a task to appear on a gantt chart, it must have a start due date. There are 2 typesof charts; simple gantt and project management gantt. Clicking on the bar that represents a task in either chart will open the task editor for that task.

The simple gantt chart is exactly as it sounds. It displays all tasks that have due dates. 

app.waymaker.io_version-test_tasks_1607302858034x911938104401592300(iPad Pro) (3)-1

The project management gantt provides more functionality and by selecting this an additional field will appear in the task editor - Progress.

The project management chart displays task details in a table, such as due date and progress. The chart also depicts the progress of a task towards completion.

If a task has subtasks an arrow will be visible next to the task title in the task details table. Subtasks are grouped under the headline task. Clicking the arrow next to a task title in the details section will show and hide the list of subtasks related to that task.

More actions on a task list

Clicking the more button in each of the task status columns displays more actions. From here you can add a new task to that column. You can also move tasks which allows a bulk task status update, and copy a list of tasks to another board. Finally, you can sort the task list by creation date, due date or alphabetically.

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When using the move or copy feature, you will need to select the tasks you want to move or copy. All tasks in the column will be selected by default.

You can deselect all by clicking the select all toggle to turn it off, or individually by clicking the checkbox in the top left hand corner of each task.

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My tasks

My tasks is a view of all the tasks you own in a single board or list. From the tasks module home page, click my tasks.

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There is slightly less functionality when viewing my tasks to that of a standard task board. But it provides a view of all your tasks in one place.

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Task template library

The task template library displays the list of the task board templates you have access to. Click the template button on the tasks module home page to open your task template library.

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You can create a new task board template by clicking add new template and setting up the task board as you usually would. You can then go into the template task board and create the required tasks. To exit the task board template library, click Boards.

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Please note, any changes made to tasks in a task board template will be reflected when the template is implemented into another board