What is a milestone goal

What is a milestone goal and when to make a goal a milestone on waymaker.io

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What is a milestone goal

Not all goals are equal in life and business. A milestone makes a goal an important step in the journey to success. Typically, milestone goals are an annual goal for an organisation or a 3 or 5 year big hairy audacious goal in the strategic plan.


Use milestones sparingly.


Milestone goals are a pinnacle moment of success for the organisation. They are your finish lines and they set the tone of the race.


Lots of milestone goals can create an organisation that sprints continuously. Whereas only 1 or two milestone goals over a 3-year period may create a slow and steady ‘marathon’ culture. Each goal is a step on the journey to the milestone goals of success.


In summary the journey from A to Z is organised in goals, outcomes, and tasks. Goals are the building blocks of achievement.


Every organisation needs a single-minded goal that defines success and then all team members work towards that goal with their own goals downstream.


The most important goals are the milestones.



How to make a goal a milestone

In the example we covered previously, ‘Be the aspirational off-road vehicle for adventurous families’, there will be goals downstream (and upstream) goals that relate to this goal. This is the milestone goal, but we need everyone to contribute collaboratively to achieve it. Marketing needs generate awareness and leads, sales need to sell, customer success needs to service customers, product and engineering needs to develop and build great product...


To make a goal a milestone, open the goal editor, click the more button, then make a goal a milestone, then click the toggle. Repeat the process to make goal a non-milestone.

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