Use Onboarding Tips to get started

Onboarding tips is a sequence of quick steps to help you and your team get started on

When logging on to for the first time, each user will see the onboarding tips as a guided sequence to get started. 

The onboarding tips will guide a user through the following.

  1. How to navigate the platform.
  2. How to get help.
  3. How to access Waymaker Academy.
  4. How to create your first goal and outcomes.
  5. How to create your first task board and task.
  6. How to build your first scorecard.
  7. How to create and run your first meeting.
  8. How to issue a diagnostic.
  9. How to administer Waymaker.

Note: Only users with the Administrator license setting will be able to see items 9, and 10. 

As a step is completed a green tick will appear next to the Onboarding tip. Once all steps have been completed the Onboarding tab will disappear from your home page.  This can be turned back on.

Turn on Onboarding Tips as existing user

If you're an existing user that has completed onboarding and wants to reactive the onboarding tips guide, you can do that from your settings menu. 

  1. Access the settings menu by clicking on your ID image in the top right corner.

  2. Choose 'Onboarding' to show onboarding tips on the home page.

  3. You will now see a new tab called 'Onboarding' on your home page.

  4. Click on the 'Onboarding' tab on your home page and you can access the onboarding sequence.  

After you have completed each step you will see the action icon change to a green tick.